Do you conduct Whitehat SEO methods?

The term “whitehat” is a bogus and meaningless marketing term invented by SEO companies to make their clients feel safe. All SEO has an inherent risk, regardless of whether it’s truly whitehat or not. Many SEO services offering “whitehat SEO” in fact implement strategies that will get you penalized in the search engines. If your question is whether we engage in techniques that focus on your natural long term growth, then the answer is yes, that is our core focus. We may however also employ strategies, especially for Tier 2 – Tier 4 link growth, that may not be considered “whitehat”.

However, we verify whether our strategies are effective and safe via our own internal AI simulations before employing them. Whilst these are not always accurate, they are most of the time. We employ a mix of highly safe and sometimes risky cutting edge rank growth strategies depending upon your risk profile. We cannot promise you there is no risk involved, but we do do our best to minimize it and ensure your site grows in a manner that is as natural and organic as possible. Keep in mind that “truly organic SEO growth” means not using any SEO at all, and that such a phrase is an oxymoron.

Do you offer guaranteed rankings?

We do not, regardless of what you’re willing to pay us. SEO is an unpredictable field that only the search engines themselves have control over, and no major search engine allows you to pay to rank highly within their organic search results. Please be careful of using any company that guarantees rankings. It’s not just that they’ll make excuses to not pay you back, but that their strategies may attract search engine penalties.

Why can’t you offer guaranteed rankings if your service is so good?

We invest significant capital in a variety of areas as part of our link building strategies. Due to the unpredictability of SEO, we cannot make guarantees as to when you will reach your desired results. If we refund you if an arbitrary rank is not given in an arbitrary time, we would lose significant capital and bankrupt ourselves. Our strategies are deep and costly in both human resources and other areas, not cheap.

Unlike some SEO providers with high profit margins, we invest significant capital in your link building. Refunding a subscription is not a trivial thing for us and incurs heavy financial loss for us. Again, no SEO company can guarantee a ranking within a specific time frame because only search engines are in control of their own algorithms, not us. They might offer these guarantees, but it’s rare that they can keep them.

Do you offer refunds?

Before moving forward with your link building, we will first confirm with you what your ranking goals are and suggest a plan to achieve them. Only after you’ve confirmed this plan with us will we begin link building. If you don’t agree with our growth plan from our initial consultation, we will refund you your initial deposit in full. If we proceed with your link building, we cannot offer a refund for that month. We may offer a complementary refund for our long term clients for a given month at our discretion, but this is not guaranteed, and will depend upon factors such as whether we’ve met our minimum internal targets or not.

I’m not seeing immediate results from month to month, why?

We plan the growth of your website via the most natural and organic means possible. Doing this with the goal of increasing your ranking month to month is highly unnatural and not reflective of how real organic growth is done. Instead, our strategies aim to increase the ranking of your website in 6 month blocks in a manner that is safe and effective for long term growth. All our internal targets and improvements are measured in 6 month bi-yearly blocks, never month to month. For an explanation of why this is so please read our post on why we engage in Biyearly-Planning. Please evaluate our overall performance in blocks of 6 months, not monthly. Note that despite this, we still send you a monthly ranking report which allows you to evaluate your performance month-to-month, we just don’t recommend you rely on this as the sole indicator of your ranking growth.

When can I cancel my subscription, am I ever locked in?

You may cancel your subscription whenever you wish, and no further billing or legal obligation to pay us anything will take place. We will continue to follow your ranking growth plan for the latest month that you paid us. Only after we’ve rendered you all services for the months you’ve paid for will our link building stop, unless you specifically instruct us to stop it prematurely. Our 6 month biyearly block planning is just a recommendation, you can of course cancel any time you wish and are not locked into 6 month commitments or any other commitment period other than any given single month you’ve already paid for. The exception to this is if you have prepaid in advance for future months. We are not obligated to refund this and will continue your link growth plan as originally agreed between us for the given period.

Can I witness and see your internal AI algorithms and how they work?

Unfortunately not. These are proprietary trade secrets that give us a competitive edge. We cannot reveal how our internal AI works.

Does your monthly report include a list of all backlinks you’ve built for us?

We do far more than just build backlinks for you. We implement indirect strategies to build your reputation to attract natural tier 1 links that don’t involve backlinks. We also conduct Tier 2 – Tier 4 link growth to websites outside of your control that may link to you as a Tier 1 link, or relink news, tweets, and social media signals back to your website. If we were to reveal to you all sources of how we operate you could use this to reverse engineer our strategies and trade secrets. Therefore, we don’t disclose any of the specifics of your link profile other than reputation building campaigns that we have discussed with you directly. We suggest you observe the results of our efforts via your search engine rankings, as opposed to paying attention to how we do it, which we don’t reveal.

Why are your services so expensive compared to other SEO companies?

Actually, our services are not expensive at all when it comes to enterprise grade and competitive keywords. Cheap SEO companies that make themselves known everywhere often prey upon businesses that are unfamiliar with SEO and would be happy ranking #1 in Google under the name of their business, which would be a meaningless ranking since it won’t drive any organic, profitable traffic at all. Our goal is to grow your business so that you can afford to hire us for many years into the future. Therefore we have incentive to rank you under competitive and profitable keyword terms that have real and targeted traffic for your website.

For the most highly competitive keywords, top companies frequently pay in excess of millions of dollars per year to various SEO companies, and even then there are no ranking guarantees. In fact, there are often penalizations in this high risk game. We mostly focus on high end business clients and competitive niches, and within those realms our services are not considered expensive.

Are your link building methods safe?

No SEO method can be considered completely safe, since SEO by its very definition is an attempt to artificially boost the ranking of your website outside of its natural ranking. Any SEO company telling you elsewise is lieing to you. In saying that, our core focus in building your ranking is to focus on natural growth and high quality Tier 1 links that are acquired from real people and websites, these sorts of backlinks have the lowest form of risk possible.

It’s our aim to eventually have your website attract these types of natural links with minimal artificial intervention. We do this mostly via our Reputation Building methods. Nevertheless, we use a mix of many different methods that we consider to be low risk internally. Part of our overall strategy may consist of copying methods that your competitors are doing if we notice such methods are working in your niche, but we will always be careful to avoid blatant high risk methods.

It’s important to understand the difference between “low risk” and “no risk”. Only the search engines themselves could promise you that they won’t de-index or penalize your website, in paper, that is legally binding. Of course they would never do that. So on what legal footing could any SEO company ever guarantee that their methods are safe? It’s actually impossible because we cannot predict how a search engine company will act in the future. But we do make our methods as low risk as possible given our extensive knowledge of search optimization over the last decade.

Why don’t you have a list of your clients anywhere?

Listing our clients anywhere would be akin to declaring bankruptcy. In doing so, anyone could reverse engineer the link building patterns among all our clients and copy the strategies we implement. Our trade secrets wouldn’t be such a secret anymore, especially with the modern advances of AI. We also don’t reveal our clients as a form of professional courtesy to them, even though there should be minimal risk in doing so. They’re welcome to reveal that they work with us if they so wish, but we have a default stance of denying association whenever legally possible. This is why we don’t list them on our website publicly. We may need to reveal a client to another individual or company when working with them as a partner, but we keep this as confidential as possible.

I have a highly competitive keyword I want to rank under, how much does this cost?

This can only be determined by first examining the keywords you want to rank under, and after we make our own internal predictions of the time and difficulty in ranking under them. For truly competitive, high volume and highly profitable keywords, expect to avail of our Enterprise plans at no less than $20,000-$100,000/pm, often higher. Exact prices will vary depending upon the keyword. We will also require you to have an established website and business to attempt difficult rankings as otherwise our strategies will fail. We will advise you whether or not we’d feel comfortable attempting a highly competitive ranking given your website and your budget. Every client situation is unique, and there can be no guarantees. For highly competitive keywords, you will need to have a high level of risk acceptance due to the immense competition and budget from other powerful SEO companies that we’ll be directly competing with. There are many highly competent competitors in search, and that is why there are no guarantees.

If you just hope to rank under long tail low competition keywords, our $200 per month Personal plan would be a good fit instead. Everything else in-between usually fits inside our business and low-level enterprise plans.

How do I know your SEO strategies will work?

Try us first for 6 months. That is a reasonable amount of time to properly evaluate the effectiveness of how we operate. If a 6 month evaluation is too much of an expense for your target keywords, then we probably won’t be a good fit anyway as our services focus on long term growth over many years and not quick results. This is how we operate to minimize the risk of penalties to your website and to ensure as much long term consistency in your rankings as we can.