Reputation Conscious

Anyone in the search industry is familiar with numerous high profile companies coming under the media spotlight for engaging in blackhat search optimization techniques.

These techniques, whilst temporarily effective, nearly always lead to either automated or manual penalties. Even in the event they go undetected for a while, all it takes is a single search engineer at Google to place a manual penalty on a large website for it to lose substantial revenue due to loss of search ranking, sometimes permanently.

No company is immune to this, it’s happened in all large industries ranging from e-commerce, automotive, insurance, medical, banking, to name but a few. Many Fortune 500 companies that are household names have come under manual and automated penalizations in the search engines for engaging in outdated search engine ranking practices.

Of course, it’s not the companies themselves doing any of this, but rather the search optimization companies that they outsource their link building to. Most often, management within these companies isn’t aware of what’s even happening, until the entire company suffers both a reputation and revenue crises.

This isn’t to over-exaggerate or fear monger, indeed the negative media backlash usually is forgotten in a few months, and rankings can be eventually restored, however after the damage is done it is usually an uphill battle for any company to regain the trust of the major search engines and grow organically in their search results again. This is why we take your reputation into account from the very beginning, and it forms a core part of our link building strategies.

Depending upon your risk/reward profile, we may be more aggressive with your rank growth, or be careful and slow, making sure everything is done properly. Most often we’ll do something in-between that’s well thought out after discussing it with you first. All our link building techniques are verified by our own internal AI algorithms to reduce the likelihood that they’ll be considered unorthodox by the search engines.

We take things such as your reputation seriously from the beginning. If we can rank you high for your desired keyword quickly, only for you to lose that ranking in a year because a new search algorithm update de-indexed your website, then we’ll most likely lose you as a client, which is bad for both of us. Our aim is to attract clients for lifelong partnerships, not short term fixes.

We want to help you reach your search goals, maintain them, and for you to then expand onto more ambitious goals slowly, with things done correctly. By employing long term thinking such as this into your search growth plan, it’s no longer a matter of “ranking under keyword XYZ” but instead growing safely over time to increase your organic traffic in many different areas you hadn’t initially considered.

Whilst SEO is a highly volatile and unpredictable field, where no guarantees can be made, we can assure you that we’ll do our best to do things right from the beginning.

If you belong to a company that has a certain vision regarding Corporate Social Responsibility and you wish to maintain that image, we can adjust our link building methods on your behalf accordingly.

We could even advise you on which avenues of CSR to explore that are in-line with your social goals that would also result in positive organic link growth for your website.

The right marketing campaign to the right demographic can cause people to discuss you in social media in a favorable manner. Such discussions and awareness can lead to natural Tier 1 links pointing to your website, coming from a diverse range of sources such as high profile blogs, newspapers, government websites, NGOs to name but a few.

These sorts of links that are a result of a positive reputation come naturally and are not directly paid for. We call this “Reputation Building” and it forms a core part of the Tier 1 link growth for our enterprise clients.

Even for our personal & business tier clients, reputation awareness is a core part of our SEO strategy. We do our best to ensure that the SEO plan we design for your business is based upon long term and steady growth in your search rankings, not on short term dangerous methods.

From the beginning we are interested in keeping you as a client for life, and not on over-promising impossible rankings  we can’t deliver just so we can make a quick buck. We keep your expectations realistic as much as we can, and will advise you accordingly of what we think is a viable ranking plan.

If you’re interested in a company that will not only take care of all your organic search engine growth needs, but that will do so in a manner that keeps your reputation in mind at all times, then consider trying us for 6 months so you can begin to see what a lifelong partnership between us can bring.