Setting Expectations

We created this section so that you know what you can expect from us before you sign up for our services, and also what we expect from you as our client. A core part of any business relationship is to be clear from the beginning with both of our intentions so that we can both determine whether we’re a good fit for one another or not, before any transactions are made. This keeps things fair for you, and for us too.

If after making payment we’re not able to agree on a suitable growth strategy via our initial consultation, we will happily refund you the full amount you paid before we begin work. We want to make sure that we’re on the same page before moving forward. But to save us both time before we reach that stage, here we will outline what we are, and what we are not.

The truth is that search engine optimization is a highly volatile and unpredictable field. It is not an exact science since Google and other major search engines don’t actually want you to use SEO to rank your website. In fact they take active steps to make SEO as difficult as possible with each algorithm update. Reading this may come as a shock particularly if you’ve been listening to the marketing hype given by other SEO companies that are only after your money in the short term.

Google doesn’t like you using SEO services simply because they don’t make any money when your SEO strategy is effective. Truth be told, they don’t like companies like us since we cut into their profit margin. They instead want you to use their own paid advertising services such as Pay Per Click (PPC). Perhaps this isn’t the right thing for us to say to encourage you to sign up as a client, but it’s important you know from the beginning how SEO companies are viewed by the search engines. We want you as a long term client, fully aware of what we are and willing to proceed regardless, not to trick you so we can make a quick profit.

If you’re interested in paid advertising as opposed to natural organic growth, we suggest instead that you work with Google directly and avail of their Google Adwords program rather than our services. We are able to also help with PPC however we only do this for Enterprise level clients.

If instead you can accept and understand that SEO is a highly volatile field with no certainties, and are willing to engage in the risk of that, then read on.

The main benefit of SEO over paid advertising is that when your website ranks naturally high in search engine results for relevant queries, you essential get free traffic from those queries. Whilst we recommend all clients continue to avail of our services even after they’ve reached their desired rankings (so that we can ensure the rankings are kept) there is still a chance that your ranking will remain high even if you no longer engage in SEO anymore. This isn’t the case with paid advertising where you must pay for every single click. Also, it almost always works out being far cheaper to maintain a high organic ranking in the search results as opposed to continuously paying per click via PPC.

With all that being said, to reiterate, SEO offers no guarantees since we’re working against what the search engines want us to do. This is also the reason we will never identify you as one of our clients, and why we don’t list our clients on our website. Whilst we engage in “whitehat” methods as per the definition of the word, it’s important to understand that “whitehat” is simply a marketing term invented by SEO companies.

All forms of link building are frowned upon by search engines. We will do our best to make them as legitimate and natural as possible, however always remember that the search engines would rather you use their paid advertising services. We’re not here to mislead you with marketing terms, but to state facts.

Some SEO companies offer “ranking guarantees” or will mislead you into believing that link building is viewed favorably. Nearly almost all these companies are scammers, or instead may be just ignorant. There is no such thing as a ranking guarantee in legitimate SEO since we cannot predict how Google or any other search engine will respond to our SEO strategies, even though we make our SEO strategies as legitimate and natural as possible.

Since we’ve been in the search optimization business for over a decade, we have a very good understanding of the direction that search engines are most likely going, and how they respond to link building strategies, but we cannot predict completely what will happen, and there is still always an element of risk involved that our strategies won’t work for your website.

If instead you require absolute guarantees with no risk, then that is something we absolutely cannot offer, nor will you find any legitimate SEO company anywhere that could offer that. And don’t don’t fall prey to the scammers just looking to cash in on your ignorance for a quick buck. Instead we again advise you to try paid PPC advertising with Google directly.

Our goal with our clients is to form lifelong partnerships. We don’t want to attempt to rank you for a keyword temporarily via blackhat methods only for you to later suffer a search engine penalty after we’ve got your money and run. This isn’t very forward thinking on either of our parts. Instead our link building goals are based in 6 month blocks, since we like to do things correctly and naturally from the beginning, slowly over time.

We like to show you how we’ve improved your website’s organic growth in 6 month blocks of time, and how we aim to maintain your rankings, as well as explore new ranking targets after we do. If instead you’re after immediate monthly results, again our service is not for you.

We’re not interested in clients that are looking to unsubscribe after their goals are reached either. If you’re looking to get a high ranking and then discontinue our service, again you will be disappointed since having natural link growth suddenly stop abruptly is incredibly unnatural and is an indicator to the search engines that you were engaging in a link building service in the past. That is why we prefer long term partnerships over many years where we can attain you your desired rankings, and keep them. When we plan your organic growth plan, it’s done internally over a long term period where we aim to eventually have you dominate your niche or industry, not just rank under some fancy keyword term. 

Note however that we cannot offer a timeframe as to when you will reach your ranking targets, and we cannot offer a guarantee that you ever will. We can offer estimates based upon our experience, but guarantees are impossible to make. Again, this is due to the fact that SEO is an entirely unpredictable thing since it cuts into the profit margin of the search engines. Any SEO company telling you elsewise is lieing to you.

So what sort of clients are a good fit for us? Clients that are willing to listen to our advise after we consider their goals, and that are willing to have a long term organic growth plan as opposed to a short term one. If long term growth as opposed to short term results is something that aligns with your goals as well, then we will surely make a good fit, and hopefully have a positive and lasting business relationship.

If you’re patient enough to see results in 6 month blocks of time as opposed to monthly blocks, and if you’re looking to grow over many years to dominate your industry, then we’d love to have you as a client. Try us for 6 months first and see how we do. If you’re satisfied, let’s put together a longer term plan.

Hopefully this guide will clear your expectations in terms of what you can expect from us, what SEO is and how search engines view SEO, as well as what we can offer you if you’re also willing to take things slowly and let us do things correctly for you from the beginning.